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Review Xenon Valkyrie +

Fabrice Breton brings Vita owners a delicious spell of arcade roguelike action inwards the cast of his Vita port of Diabolical Mind's Xenon Valkyrie +. The addition indicates the game has diverse gameplay improvements over the PC original, but since I'd never heard of the game until recently, its all new.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 blocky picayune pixel actioner,  you lot acre on an imperiled planet where an evil witch has taken command of the machines. Starting off past times picking from i of 3 crew, weak but nimble, potent but wearisome etc. Initially, you lot get got a duad of tardily levels to explore, larn the ropes too score them upward to human face upward the commencement boss, amongst much tougher battles beyond that.

Your crew ventures out into that commencement Ancient Techforest. Armed amongst swords, guns amongst express ammo, grenades too the strange exceptional motion similar a super-leap to arrive at higher areas. More importantly, they each offering a slightly dissimilar road through the game, amongst a few exceptional areas to uncover.

Whoever you lot chose, they stumble around the randomly generated levels, equally you lot larn how to bargain amongst the killer robots on patrol, the radar comes inwards handy inwards this respect. Note there's no penalty/death for falling, but deciding when too how to operate your sword or gun is a commutation life skill.

Another tactic is wall climbing too learning how far you lot tin lavatory jump or how to acquire into the narrow gaps where chests packing wellness too credits may live stashed. Spend a picayune fourth dimension learning the ropes, similar letting the enemy kill each other, too you lot tin lavatory salvage a lot of pain!

Most levels characteristic a locked treasure breast that mightiness get got a ameliorate weapon, a useful tool or simply a random spell of crap. Also, if you lot complete the commencement score without losing your shield, you lot acquire some extra bonus strength points that brand your weapons to a greater extent than powerful!

Leveling upward your strength too defense forcefulness is key, but depends on the weapons you lot find. Also, finding cash is of import as, at the halt of each level, you lot tin lavatory purchase some stock goods similar shields, ammo too health. There's a surprising amount of thought that tin lavatory boot the bucket into each run, but still, there's nix quite similar racing through the score leaving a trail of carnage inwards your wake.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 commutation flim-flam when you lot arrive at the portal is the powerfulness to provide to the hap of each level, a wise motion if you lot missed a chunk out through a big autumn or flora a expert breast but couldn't arrive at it from below. Sure it takes time, but could add together valuable coins too sense levels to your haul, a lovely touch!

In the early on going, learning close the game is vital. Some enemies tin lavatory live easily killed simply past times whacking them from a prophylactic ledge to a higher house or below. Others volition explode afterwards a few hits, too thus you lot postulate to worry close impairment or excogitation to get got them blow a useful hole inwards the scenery. Later enemies jump around madly, requiring careful planning or luck (in fact, to a greater extent than oft than non luck) to survive. Figuring out who does what too how to acquire around volition help construct your graphic symbol upward for those boss battles.
In these, the enshroud is dominated past times a tearing fiend who volition accept a picayune to a greater extent than figuring out how to kill. Beat him, her or it, too you lot tin lavatory accept a breather earlier the adjacent battle. If you've flora plenty rare metallic Teamerite, you lot tin lavatory merchandise it inwards for some proper rare weaponry, earlier setting out i time to a greater extent than to the deeper levels.

As the opposition gets tougher, too the levels to a greater extent than complex, you lot tin lavatory operate grenades to nail rocks too practise your ain paths, ideal for accessing that difficult to arrive at reward or to acquire inwards easier to kill sterner enemies. But, amongst leaping, exploding creatures all around survival becomes a serious challenge the deeper you lot go. Get fifty-fifty farther too some robot drones tin lavatory live hired to help amongst extra firepower or other useful abilities.

If you lot wishing a closer look, banking corporation tally out 12 minutes of gameplay here. With lots of picayune rules too skills, you lot practise postulate to pay attention. Pure fun to play, Xenon Valkyrie is packed amongst challenge, for such a picayune game. The wishing to practise ameliorate on my adjacent run afterwards yet some other permadeath hasn't worn off yet, too to discovery out what the other tools are weapons are. The chiptune soundtrack is sumptuous too the tiny graphics piece of occupation good on the Vita's screen.

Score: 8/10
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Price: £7.99 (PSN)
Developer/publisher Diabolical Mind/Cowcat
File size 90MB
Progress: Deeper underground

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